New Toy almost Complete

So, i have got the KTM running perfect now, I’ve got the New Plastics on and in true Marmablade style i have Hidden the Number Plate and  Modified the Bike :slight_smile:

Dhofty was kind enough to sell me the Bits i needed to put the Newer front end on my little bit dated looking bike, I got the Tank off a 2006 Bike and the Front Fender off of a 690 SuperMoto just to give the bike a freshen up, But best of all, the tank is Orange (was Clear before) and the Fairing panels are Black, so it now ties in with the colour scheme of the rest of my Bikes :slight_smile: I also got the SKB Racing Decals made up that i had on the Other Bikes and put them on, It is just left now to get a Custom set of Decals made up for the Fairings. I was going to Go for Rockstar or Jagaermister Decals, just waiting for the Guy to come up with the designs to see what i prefer.

This is the Bike the Day i Got.

And this is The Beast now.

and these are the Decals i was thinking about trying to emulate, but obviously make them a bit more personal to me and the Bike…



Wicked! Love it.

I suspect you’ll miss the blade come summer, tho…

Hopefully by then I’d have saved enough and get a Gixxer 750 for playing and track days

Looking good Sam. think i got a spare 2008 style head light if you interested any time you got spare cash. oh and will have a look see if i got a plastic clip for the brake line to fix to the left fork guard. the tyre could munch into the brake line

Like your thinking marmalade. Let us know how that goes, come do a track day with me once I pick up my new race bike!

@ dhofty… Cheers, I’ll probably take the headlight, ive ordered new fork gaurds anyway and for now ive cable tied it out the way of the wheel.

@ Benedict…Definitely, if I get one in time I’ll be up for that.

Looks very very nice