New top gear

Watching the new top gear. What a load of shit!!!
Matt leblanc is a legend but is dog shit on top gear, the American accent doesn’t work!!

Hate how it is a complete copy of Clarksons top gear even using same jokes and same challenges they done with Clarkson!!

Roll on Amazon Primes car show!!!

Anyone else watched it?? What do you think??

I quite liked it in general, but I was quite happy with the last series, too. I think Chris Evans needs to stop doing Clarkson impressions, and needs to stop so obviously reading the script, but I really liked Matt LeBlanc, really. He seems a bit unused to presenting, but I expect that to get better, and his character’s definitely a bit good. 

Not sure I’m sold on this BBC3 ‘top gear extra’ thing, though.

Saw the first 10/15 minutes; and got the same impression as you. Will watch the rest later - it might take them sometime to find a groove.

Yes I’m hoping it picks up too as really like both presenters

Missed it
I was enjoying the delights of alcohol

Watched last episode of SoA. Will catch up on catch up tv thingy. Getting similar feedback from FB.

Watched it.

Le Blanc has potential
Evans was not brilliant.

The writing wasn’t nearly good enough.
I’ll probably keep watching it, like the chump I am.

I’ve never been keen on Chris Evans as he’s always been a bit shouty and ott and it felt a bit forced in the face to face with Mat but it took awhile for the old 3 to gel together so I’ll see how it develops

I think its just as good as it used to be, because it used to be 5hite. Strapping laser guns to cars? Give me a break. There are probably a lot of very impressed school boys though. As that’s about all this show appeals to.

There are two ways to change the line-up on a successful show: (1) completely change everything, or (2) carry on as before and hope the public don’t notice.

It seems they’ve gone for option 2. Last night’s show was a parody of the Clarkson one. There is the possibility that Evans might settle into the role better, and stop shouting so much, but this wasn’t a great start.

I think they should have gone for option 1 and changed everything. Evans is a seasoned enough broadcaster, and the budget is good enough, that they could have come up with a totally new format.

But now they have the worst of both worlds: the Clarkson-ites will say it’s not as funny as the old days and any potential new viewers will think it’s just as childish and shouty as the old one.

But the thing they bought (and license out) was the format, there was never any chance of their changing that.

Got to say , found it really dull , I’m no big fan of the Clarkey and Co but Matt and Chris were boring to watch, think they need to come up with a new format, Evans should have made it more his own.

Awsome. :smiley:

Even Sabine looked passed best :slight_smile:

Evans is very annoying… very… looking forward for Amazon show.

Yes I thought that, she was starting to look old and haggered

anyone else spot her callsign for the challenge?

For the love of sweet Jesus lads. Isn’t it good that there is a woman and a capable one at that on the show. Her looks…should not be a factor!

5/10 first show, see how the rest pan out. 

Sabine barely made an appearance! Very self indulgent. Some folks are convinced the format will just win through. I’m Not convinced. And the US vs. UK thing? Come on - desperate to keep the overseas sales up… A few giggles. Matt was a lot better than I expected. Agree came across very scripted. More like an amateur homage than its own show at the moment…