New to the site

Hello all,

My name is Cliff, I own a motorcycle repair business in Kings X.

jakeyz invited me here and after a lot of persuasion I’ve decided to give it a go.

A bit about my biking background;

20+ years doing motocross
very passionate about motorcycles
love my supermotos
full time mechanic

just bought a new husqvarna nuda r 900 and hoping to meet some good people to take it out with

Welcome! Always good to see new people join!

Being a dirtbike lover you’ll feel yourself at home with all the BCR boys (check the rideouts section for it to make sense).

Also, Nuda is a cool bike! After all royaljordanian has one pimped up big time :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB - just down the road from my weekend stopover :slight_smile:

Hi & welcome!



you made it


Nice with a new LB’er!

Google your bike, looks cool.

Welcome to LB. Good to know there is a bike mechanic close to my work. Might contact you if or when I need something done.

Hi Cliff, I sometimes work around the corner from you and eat in the Irish/Muslim cafe just along from you, good food :slight_smile:

If i need anything doing when nearby I’ll pop in.

Welcome Cliff

Any relation to the Kings XI, a fine team if there ever was one :ermm:

It’s a reference to where his company is based on York Way.


So it’s Kings Cross Cliff, that sounds so … :w00t:


I just call him king, much easier.