New to the site

Hi everyone, Just registered to the site. Been visiting for a while decided to register even though I do live a loooooooooong way away from london, ( southern US ). I really enjoy the site and I wish motorcycling was more of a mainstream sport over here like it seems to be over there. My name is brandon by the way and I ride a k3gix600.


It is customary to buy everyone a virtual drink when you register.

At this time of day, make mine an espresso please mate.

Gidday, welcome aboard.

Good morning Brandon & welcome to Londonbikers!

Mine’s a double espresso (upstairs party girl crashed home at 3.30am and dropped something heavy on the wooden floor). Grrr…

I ride a very cool Vespa, and I hope to remember to stop to take some photos of it now that it’s sunny in London. Once they’re done, I can put some in the members’ bike gallery. Put yours there, too!

Hello there and welcome…lucky you’ve joined now as I’ve a feeling the ‘rounds’ are going to get very expensive!! I’ll have a sambuca thanks!

Howdy across the pond! Can you see me waving? No?

Ok, fair enough I suppose.

Oooo what to order? Right now, I’ll go for a tall black coffee with a caramel slice if I may be so bold.

Welcome, get comfortable and relax.

Morning and welcome aboard! Feel free to make us all insanely jealous by posting some pics of your ride basking in the glorious sunshine on a long empty open road (yes it’s winter in London again!).

Hello and welcome. As mentioned a pic of your bike in the members bike gallery is mandatory. Enjoy!


Congrats on joining up, you ever visit us across the pond you know you will be welcomed. Enjoy the forum.

Hey, Welcome to LB mate! Enjoy it here…


Welcome to LB

Hehehe more members from over the pond.

Hello Voodoo1 ! Welcome to LB. Glad you enjoy the site! Dis you place a pic of your ride yet?

Hey there Voodoo1… Welcome to the site…

I’ll have a Baileys over ice…


Hello and Welcome Voodoo1 i’ll have a scotch Mate LOL

Thanks for the warm welcome guys, pass 'em around, cheers!! I’ll get a pic or 2 on when I get a chance.

Morning & welcome! Nice weather for ducks today…

Hey there fella, welcome aboard! It doesn’t matter where you’re from, at all.

Hi mate. Welcome in and I’ll have a 1664 ta

Hi mate,

Welcome to LB. Forget the drink, since its lunch time I will have a curry instead