New to the SE and Biking

Hi - arrived here recently from the frozen North to find it warmer but congested. So decided to “do” the test and get a bike. Done that.
Finding my way around town - but need to get to grips with some basics like training in
London riding ( no horse n’ carts to manoeuvre around here) and also
basic maintenance in/formal - chains and that! It’s a long time since I last had a bike and my Dad used to do all the repairs.

I’d appreciate any help!


Welcome to the site. What do you ride?

Hi and welcome to LB!!

We’re all a pretty friendly bunch.

What do you ride?

Hi and thanks - I’ve bought a Suzuki 600 GSR. I tried a few bikes, but found this was about the right size to start and commute

Welcome to LB and of course the South-East
Where about in SE do you live?

Welcome to LB and SE,

come down to Borough Market wed evenings to meet some of the gang, it’s a great location.

where abouts in SE? there are a few of us who head back that way afterwards.


If your up for the trek, we’ve got a ride out to brighton on saturday


Thanks for the welcome everyone, pleased that i found this site!

Working close to Waterloo but living at Woolwich.

You must be on a pretty similar commute to me… it sucks! Good to see that the Arctic Wastes contingent is growing tho - welcome dahhhn sahhhf innit Whereabouts ya from originally?

As for biking in London, you’ll find all the info ya need on here. Just ask, or pop along to one of the Weds night meets at Borough (a couple of mins’ ride from Waterloo)

Hi and welcome aboard.

hi there and welcome to LB

Hello ,welcome to the site,im based in thamesmead , you could try the tea hut on blackheath,a few bods up there most nights .

Welcome to LB bro. Whareabouts up Norf are ya from?

welcome to LB

welcome to the mad house!!!


Where abouts in the ‘frozen north’ you from? Glasgow boy here, been in the city 3 years nearly now. You’ll get used to the traffic quite quickly!

Hi there and welcome to LB.

Welcome Chap!

welcome mate