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Hi, I’m new here so go easy on me. I love bikes. I have a 125cc sports scooter brought from direct bikes and its great for getting around town. I liked it so much that I decided to setup my own websites. Let me know what you think.


Are these the ones that come unassembled?? If so, hope you’ve done it correctly as I’ve read some worrying reviews…!? Glad you’re enjoying it though and welcome to LB!

Hi and Welcome

hmm im sensing another checky spammer :ermm:

Welcome Mr Spammer… I have a decent bike so I wont be needing one of your Kinder Egg assembly ones!.. thanks anyway!

Smells like spam from here.


Why sell that chinese tat? Sell that crap on ebay. Nobody is going to buy that here.

Hi Mate : Dont let the old guys give you the run-a-round they are past it at there age

Ooops. Didn’t even check out those links.

I see the illusive Beanzy has also made an appearance. Does your Desmo have invisible paint cos I didnt see it the other week at BMM? :smiley:

Loves bikes but owns a scooter :ermm:

Isn’t that a bit like fancying women but having sex with men?

Sorry Old Man it brokdown on the way to BM But I let you old farts have look soon:doze:

We should rename him to Sir Spamalot :stuck_out_tongue: