New to London Bikers......In Carshalton, Surrey

Hi All,

New to this site and wanting to get to know some fellow bikers…

I live in Carshalton and ride a Red '98 Fazer 600. It is my first bike but have been riding on/off with hire bikes for 10 years.

Passed my test whilst wifey and kids were on holiday (could not get the time off work then)…and here we are … Just turned 40 and no…not going through a mid-life crisis…

I ride most days after work from about 11 am as I start work at 2am…yes 2am…am in the Fruit and Veg business…I live in Carshalton, Nr Sutton/Croydon and would like to get to know you crazy lot…read some of the emails…lol…

I’ve been over to BM once…about 3-4 weeks ago…will get to Ace (first monday of the month) and get to know a few more people as well as get onto a few Ride Outs…

Thanks all and hope to buy you a beer/wine/tea or coffee soon.


Oh, I have not seen any other Indian’s on “bikes”…only Pizza delivery ones (and no…i am not one of them :slight_smile: )


hope to see you at the Ace some time:D

greetings… see you up the ace for newby night if we havent already met up BM :slight_smile:


I’m from Esher

I used to work for a company based in carshalton. You ever see big white vans with a blue SP (Surepin) on? Used to work for them…

You know the Lord Palmerston?


Welcome to LB

wellcome aboard mate :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB! :slight_smile:

You weren’t the guy in OMC repairing a puncture the other day, were you?


Leon1984 - If not at BM, ACE will be a must

CHiPS - Know the van and know the pub, but not been in…could meet for a pint or 10 if you are in the area.

Clubfoot - Thanks

Jimbo 1 - Cheers

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Welcome matey!! I’m from Croydon, so not too far from yourself!!

Yup that was me… :slight_smile: with the faulty cable that needed drilling a bolt out and spending an hour to find a dropped screw :smiley:

Ello and welcome :smiley:

Welcome :slight_smile:

welcome welcome :slight_smile:

Hi, i am new myself . I am im cheam,sutton, so close to you .

hi, welcome :smiley:

It was nice meeting you yesterday :slight_smile: Make sure you get down for Newbie night at the Ace :slight_smile:

It was nice meeting you at BM :wink: see you again