New to LB...


Signed up today and wanted to introduce myself!:slight_smile:

I ride a Superduke 990 which I have recently acquired and enjoying to the max now that the weather is lightening up

Anyway great to be here and look forward to meet some of you.



Hi there… Welcome to the LB family!

Hello, welcome.

Welcome to the house of fun. A few of us meet up at Borough Market on a Wednesday from about 6pm… A few more when the weather is nice.

Welcome and awesome bike!

Hello and welcome to LB.

super nonsense! akras? naturally!

Welcome you have come to the right place there are some other fools on here with super nonsenses … with akras . Mostly we they hold up rideouts while they hunt for petrol stations :slight_smile:

Assuming they’re not sat at home with a fuel tank the size of a spacehopper. :wink:

Oi …I did 20 miles last weekend :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, I don’t own a Superduke but I like riding nonsense anyway :smiley:
Welcome to the forum!