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Hello allI came across you guys on google as I’m trying to do a little research on next bike to get lol It looks like a great forum so thought I stop and say hi.

Well always lived in london started on bike about 3/4 years ago. just got annoyed with London Transport. Started good old gilera cougar. Then soon got very bored was offered a italian import NSR125 and I loved it nippy as hell! Off course wanted more power so full acess done I could only go upto ZX4r due to the insurance policy I had that year.

I started to look for a ZX6R as I think they are cracking bikes but end coming out with a SV650. Sadly money was tight back then and it was a great cheap commuter. But then moved out to east sussex and the commute on the SV wasn’t as nice. Didnt like the seat for long periods and just didnt seem to eat up the miles. As the now ex had bought a ZX6r decided to look into zx12r as I was going 80 miles every day min.

Went to a dealer and he talked me into a ZX9R E1 they had. It rode great but something wasn’t right. Walked away from that but a week later I had picked up a ZX9R which I have had over a year. 14K later on I love this bike. Its comfy, smooth, relaible, and fecking quick.

Sadly moved back to enfield now so I find myself asking do I really need the ZX9R still. I still do “weekend riding” down to east sussex and up north so I do enjoy the seat of a sports bike/ tourer like the 9 and they so stable and easy to commute.

Speaking to the guys at work they listed off,

SV1000 - but I remember how bad the seat was on the 650 so not sure.

Firestorm - its old and dated now but they seem a cracking bike

Aprilia SL Falco - again heard nothing but great things but not one for the looks, rather have the RSV but then heard hard harsh bikes to ride every day.

Gsxr750 K4/K5 - I love the looks and spec of this bike but havent gone to test ride one yet.

ZX10r or ZX12r - again amazing looking bike but IMO they wont be any better than the 9 so is it worth it?

I basicaly got use to have loads of bottom end power that just takes you along so much nicer than rev happy bikes. Also I love fairings I tend to find during wet/cold days I dont suffer as much as an faired bike so would like to keep to a faired one.

Otherwise I would look at the Z750/Z1000, street or speed triple etc.

Anyhow I hope I have something to offer/give back in the future as this great little forum you guys have.

p.s pic of the 9 :wink:

lover;y clean looking bike you got there, welcome on board


you dont want to see it at the mo. I need its winter clean lol looks more black/grey than blue silver lol

welcome to LB.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome. :smiley:

hello and welcome:D

Hi! Welcome to LB :smiley:

Welcome to LB!


thanx for great welcome :slight_smile:

welcome to lb :slight_smile: