New to LB not bikes fancy meet up 2morrw

Last minute quick post. No pix of bike etc right now but been riding a good while, currently with cbr600rr & sv650. Bit bored of current pool I biker mates and good to meet some other bikers. I ride fairly quick (but not like a t**t I like to think)
Is anyone going to be at meet up tomorrow willing to introduce me to the meet up? Saves me feeling like a spare part…found out about this meet up by talking to a guy called Mark @ Blackheath t hut one day

Hi Katie and welcome.

Going to the meet myself for the first time so you won’t be the only spare part :slight_smile:
Maybe see you there.

Welcome to LB…!!

the weekly meets are on the calendar(also happen to be on Wednesdays) , welcome to the forum and good luck.

Only a selected few of the weekly bike meets are on the calendar.

Today I’ll be on a tea challenge visiting Bosworth’s Tea Rooms, High Beech Tea Hut, Blackheath Tea Hut and Great Bentley Green.

All are regular Wednesday night bike nights, some attracting as many as 1,000 bikes on a balmy summer evening.

Borough Market meet is Tonight and a good one, then a little blast along to Black Heath Tea Hut once everyone gets to Borough Market and the Tea Hut was Packet a few weeks ago. even down to some Tw@ arriving with a dog strapped to his Bike!!!

Lol I loved that little dog :smiley:

Hi and welcome, as others have said theres a few meets going on. The main on is at Borough Market this evening.

On the other hand, if you’re in west london then you can join forces with the Wild Wild West Massive and come along to Alton with us awesome folk tonight.

Hey and welcome to the forum!!! :slight_smile:

sorry if it seemed like i was trying to say thats all that was happening, i was just trying to give the little info that i knew about.

maybe we can get a calendar update? (could also include an address / link to maps?)

just an idea, not an order.


Thanks for posts every1.
what time are you going up Banner? What u riding?

I’m coming from S.E London so West London ride out not a good one. Thanks a lot for the offer though Slan :slight_smile:
Will get pic of bike/s up but is standard cbr600rr 2008 no mods black & red so not difficult to imagine! Plus SV has v few mods to look at only tail tidy and and stupendously loud scorpion xhaust.



Brough Market is tonight & there usaly ppl there @ 5:30 officially its 6pm

then they ride out to Blackheath Tea Hut

alas im not going tonight probably next week depending on Mrs STB Wise

& the Triumph is still suffering Form B2R wanting to play on Monday night

I’m not gonna make tonight either but should do next week as it was good the other week (other than the huuuuuge flying tennis Balls bugs attacking everyone at Blackheath!)