New to Here

Hi I’m new here, wrong font!!

On MCNNinjas site for a while, but spend as spend week in London thought I check you guys out too!

Hope you all friendly, and can assist me in finding out if there are local rideouts, meets as not been to one for some time -

I don’t know if anyone else been to the White Bear, Essex bout 6 years ago, can’t remember where it was near maybe Chingford? It’s shut to bikers now.

Any meets in that neck of wood - assume High Beech (spelt ok?) still a popular one

Anyway, HELLO

No photos, but got zx7r - Green X reg, mismatched panels, dbl dbble, micron system, 113bhp dyno’d

welcome to lb mate

Hello mate! Welcome to LB. We have a weekly meeting at the Cubana’s bar. You will find all the directions on the ‘bike general chat’ on the top of the forums. Come to speak to us.

This weekend we are going camping and it would be great to have you wth us, although you may get the wrong impression from some of us after a few drinks, but I can assure you that we are all good boys and girls, lol

We are, aren’t we?

Hey Killer #1, welcome to LB! We’re all friendly here, don’t worry Read and/or post in the ride-outs/meets forum for info on meets…

Hello and welcome to Londonbikers mate. Come to one of the meets and introduce yourself in person.

hi ya and welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbi stick…



ps… I have seen that movie as well as some of the others directed by Miike, and that one was the only one that i had to actually turn away from… Audition was well cool tho…


Have you seen Gozu? That’s more wierd, ladels placed where they look painful!!

Similar great films if you like that stuff, and can deal with subtitles, but no director details

Versus - japanese

Oldboy - South Korean

plus loads of others - House of 1000 Corpses by Rob Zombie -anyone??

The weekly meet - is that Cubana, next to Waterloo station on a Weds?

Where to park bike?

rob zombie is hilarious - “the devils rejects”

oldboy is well weird and a little creepy tbh…

but then there’s also visitor q (which i thought was weirder), infernal affairs, freezer and of course the original japanese versions of the ring, the grudge and dark water - the hollywood versions just were not the same…

Cubana is just behind waterloo station and the meet has a carpark…

Hi Killer

welcome to LBs

I used to go to the White bear , it was near Onger not Chingford

High beech is still going , although it was closed for some reason yesterday

Hi and welcome to the site


Thanks for your welcomes, I shall come down to Cubana tomorrow, and meet some of you.

Is there a special handshake?

Or password??

Hello! I’ll be at Cubana tonight so make sure you say hello to everyone!

SmacK with my newbie crutches now thats over Welcome to LB