New to everything!

And there is a Hein Gericke in Purley - they make good clothing - goretex is the stuff to get if you are going for textiles. Goretex is worth the money

blackheath tea hut is closer, i got str8 through deptford on me way too, stopped at the kfc on wednesday, lol

Thanks everyone!

I’m off to Infinity in Clapham over the weekend.

I went to J&S today - NOTE TO ALL - No longer in Greenwich they have relocated to Eltam.

And the A2 between Blackheath and Eltam is scary!!! Glad I got straight off.

I saw 2 sets I liked the look of, 1 was Frank Thomas and 1 was IXS (Both Textile, waterproof and had double zips).

Problem - I don’t wear Boots (fashion) very often cos my calves don’t fit my tiny feet.
I didn’t fit the Ladies Bike boots (some were aweful) and they didn’t have my size in the mens.
The only ones I liked were Alpinestars and very expensive!

PS the guys at J&S were really nice and very helpful.

Hi Plewsy

Re boots - I bought a pair of Akito boots 5 years ago (from J&S) as they were cheap and my first pair. They now feel like slippers. You wouldn’t take them on a track and they don’t really last 5 years, but I have been really pleased with them.

I’ve got very thin feet and I’ve tried loads of different brands of boots. The only ones that seem to fit properly are Alpinestars. Prices yes but good quality, safety and comfort.

Buy cheap buy twice as they say

Infinity in Clapham …Eugene is the manager…

ask for him…drop my name…you;ll be sorted chuck…:wink: