New to everything!

Hi All,

I passed my CBT 2 weeks ago, bought a helmet from Hein Gericke over the bank holiday and bought my first bike yesterday!.

My husband has been commuting on a bike for years, passed his DAS last year. So I went for it and got gears!

Honda CG125 (2008).

I’m completely overwhelmed by the clothing though. Any suggestions would be greatly recieved, I didn’t like the style/fit of the jackets in HG and although I want to stay safe I don’t want to pay ridiculous prices when I don’t go over 30 mph at the moment.

I live in deptford so I’m definitly going to try and come along to borough market.


welcome to LB ;0

Welcome to LB.

Buy the best gear you can afford, because pretty soon you will want to go faster than 30MPH…but also, a 30MPH spill can still hurt.

Are there any other stores in the South East area? Hein Gericke (Stockwell) was great for helmets.

There’s an infinity just down the road from hein gericke on Clapham high street.

Make sure whatever you get is toasty warm, it’s surprising how much difference a 30mph wind chill makes.

Thank you

welcome on board~~~

welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB, folks here know there stuff and they will be most helpful (speaking from experience ;))

We’ve found J&S in New Malden have a pretty good range of stuff with all sorts of brands. (Personally I don’t like Hein Gericke as it’s not as waterproof as it claims to be and the trousers are rarely long enough for me). Just avoid the “women’s section” unless you want your leathers to be pink.

get ya bargains from e bay, then get my missus “wasp” to do any alterations to fit you purrfect:D

Welcome to LB :o)

J&S new malden are good. Ask them for a discount :slight_smile: I managed to get 10% off.:smiley:

Anyway welcome

welcome to lb XD must come along to black heath tea hut aswell XD

Welcome to LB!
As someone pointed out, there’s a few Infinity stores in SE/Central. If they don’t have your size, ask them to phone the other stores (that’s if you’re impatient like me).
As it’s going to get fairly cold soon-ish, I’d recommend getting some warm kit. Definitely go with something with knee and hip armor. And make sure the jackets are wind/water proofs. Either GoreTex (pricey) or something which has additional zip in layers (I have a Frank Thomas one with a wind/water proof layer inside as well as a thermal one.

While I’m a regular at both Infinity and Hein Gerick in clapham / stockwell. I rarely buy from them - only when I need something asap. But they are good.

Just consider that winter is approaching so it will get cold and wet. So remember to buy in preparation for then. There is no point buying cheap as you will just end up buy it all over again. As Sookie said “Buy the best gear you can afford”, good gear will last a long time.

Also try P&H motorcycles in Crawley.

Welcome aboard! I live not far from you, so will probably see you on the road at some point :slight_smile:

Women’s biker clothing is a nightmare. Be prepared to try on many different brands and styles until you find something that fits right, looks ok and does the job. As others pointed out, get decent gear. It’ll pay off in the long run. Especially when you ride every day.

Congrats & enjoy :slight_smile:

J&S is on greenwich high road near the greenwich picture house

Wow, that is brilliant! I’m off now to the local stores to have a look. I teach in Croydon so I’ll give Crawley a look next week.

I’m looking for the winter gear, I prefer the look of leathers but haven’t found any that fit right. Luckily my Mother and Mother in Law are both putting pressure on my husband so I can spend quite a bit!! :smiley:

Thanks again

PS: What is the Blackheath Tea Hut??

hey mate,

Welcome to LB…I’m Smiled and i rarley ever come into the newbie section but as your our neck of the woods…i thought what the hell…#

first things first…let us know which stores you plan to go into…chances are myself and other members know’s someone in there and you’ll get first rate service as an LBer…

2nd things second…there are loads of girlies on here that will gladley meet up with you and help you out as much as they can…

3rd things third…tell hubby that yourself and him are going to Blackheath near Greenwich to the teahut there were you will meet a big gang of us who will welcome you the moment you pull up…

4th things 4th…get stuck into the forum…