new to biking in london

hi all!
i just got to london couple days ago , ive lived here for 2.5 years but never had my own vehicle, now here i am with my first bike, a 98 fzs 600,
and delighted to see there is a biker community!

i cant wait to meet bikers, i have no biker friends at all and it’s a bit weird having this passion that nobody around you shares…

anyway! hope to share good times @ an event sooner or later.

ps–…, WHAT is the rule with buslanes?! so confusing…

safe riding to all

Welcome To LB :slight_smile:

hey mate and with the bus lane thinggy i got a ticked biggining of this year and they said aslong as its a red route witch is desinated by red lines you can ride init but allways check the sign posts to see if motorbikes are on there

hey dude welcome.

thanks guys :slight_smile: actually asked a police dude yesterday and basically if the bike is on the sign, then you can ride in it… the times are just for cars we can ignore them! voilà

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB… - Oooh so you’re telling me that the times on the signs (i.e. Mon - Sat 4pm - 7pm) can be ignored??

Hhhmmm… I’m not so sure about that… I wouldn’t be surprised if some jobsworth copper will do you for it if they see you?? (Actually I know a copper… I’ll ask him when I see him).

yeppp exactly what i asked the policemen : the times can be ignored

If you see a bike on the sign, it means you can use it. Times are used to state when other vehicles should not enter. So if a sign has 4-7 with no motorbike sign on it, you cannot go into it between 4-7… If the time is now 7.05, it means anyone can use that bus lane (not just the vehicles listed on the sign)

Welcome loud - a good starting point to meet other people is Fridays at the Ace. It can get busy (depending on the weather) but usually there’s always someone from LB there (though finding them may be tricky so post here and make sure you know who you’re looking for and what they are looking for!)… Alternatively jump to the rideout section, there’s always stuff happening - just find what will suit you (i.e. a quiet bimble vs a’progressive’ ride) :slight_smile:

Welcome. Decent choice of bike.

:cool::cool: HI And Welcome To LB M8 :blink::blink:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB mate.

Hope to see you at BM or the TH soon!

Hi Man,

I don’t know any other person with a bike (got into it late, I’m old) but I don’t give a ****. I just ride.

I’m off to ACE tomorrow morning, 10:30 a.m ish (just because I can, week off work) if you are up there (or anyone else for that matter) gimme a shout. Black RST jacket, Black Duchinni Helmet and a red varadero. Just passed test, gimme time to find a bike ffs!! :smiley: