New tires

So my Battlax BT015 are coming to the end. Time for new tires!

But i’m not sure which to put on my CBR600RR.

So far i have narrowed it done to Michelin Pilot Power 3 or Battlax S20 Evo.
I found some test. One where battlax won and one where Michelin won.

Testen in dry and wet on track.

Michelin (sorry it’s in German, couldn’t find an English one).

I’m most inclined to go for Michelin because the test was more comprehensive with 4000 km. road test, wet test, track test and wear test.

Any one here have experience with them? Fire away :slight_smile:

Whichever ones you choose, you’ll be delighted with them. They’re so much better than what you’re replacing.
I’d say you may well find the Michelin Pilot Power 3 a bit more confidence inspiring. It seems to give a bit more feel and is great in the damp/wet.
If you’re a hooligan/scratch round everywhere or do trackdays I’d go for the Evo.

As pionted out to me i haven’t said what i use the bike for :slight_smile:

I do ride outs and weekend riding. Haven’t done any trackdays on it, might do in the future. Come august/september time i might have to commute on the bike a couple times a week. 10 miles each way.

Hope this helps…

I had PR4’s on the Striple and they were great.

A long time ago I went to Essential to get PR3s for my RR because everyone had them. They asked me about my riding and because it was only Power Ranger stuff they said a sports bike tire would be better. I’ve had Bridgestone BT-016 and Pilot Power 3s and got on with both pretty well. I only changed to Pilot Power 3s because I fancied a change. They are hard to compare because when you replace a worn out set the new set will always feel better.

Have you had your suspension set up yet? That should be next on your list.

Yes that’s always the case, new tires always feel better then old ones. I had PR3 on my old bike (er-6f), liked them. But I wan’t some more sporty on my bike now that i don’t do long commuting.
Odly i called B just after he posten his reply. Coincidence maybe. We agreed that should get the new tires first, then get the Setup…

I’ve got S20 Evo on my R6 and PR4s on my SV650 (commuter).
Both are great tyres, the PR4s are amazing in the wet, very confidence inspiring.
I do less wet riding on the R6, and have been known to do the odd track day, hence went for the Battlaxes.