New Time For The Newbie Meet 1/1/2007

donkey alright

shhhhhhhhhh or he will want a peice too…

See you at 1pm Wonkey Donkey

wats this unveiling bollox??? you got a new bike Grim

well if grim is having a unveiling i want my naming ceramony for harriet!, ha ha, and whats this about wonkey donkey :wink:

It’s not been out for ages - been undercover (and the bike)

what ya talking about… debz?.. actually not seen debz on here for a while, what u done with her grim

Shes been tied up

but does she want rescuing???

Xmas is over - you can undo the chain keeping her in the kitchen now

I was hoping to keep her there till New Year

Rescuing?? From moi?


Just to let you know that I am staying family at the mo and there’s no way that I can get to you for the 1st. I hope you all have a really good time and think of me when you are supping on your brew!

Hope to see you lovely people soon.

LoL subtle Mac, subtle…

I’m glad someone’s paying attention…It would have been a wasted effort otherwise…

well i should probably be there from about 6pm due to the fact my nan being in hospital

I know a couple of folks from on here, but not most of you so I’ll come down at some point. I’ll be the 6’5 one riding a sv650.

Please, no minimoto comments…

I don’t know if I can make it yet. Not only have I got tonsilittus but I’m also looking after my 2 nieces (ages 3 and 10) for a few days. If I do make it, I’ll be in the car with the bratz in tow!!

MMM. Bit young for my son, might be in the car too

well seing its been moved earlier i can make this if im up in time.should be there about 2 as i have to leave by 5 due to work

I’d like to come out and meet some of you but as it’s new years day my blood alcohol level will no doubt still be triple the legal limit so another time i think