New Time For The Newbie Meet 1/1/2007

As you all know the next newbie meet will be on the 1/1/2007 and as it new years day and a bank holiday im changing the times from 1pm onwards ill be there so i hope you will be, see thread

take care and ride safe over christmas


I should be there.

Would like to be there but will be curled up in bed feeling like death.

Remember guys, 12 hours from bottle to throttle. If you are on the New Years lash remember to give yourself time for the alchohol to wear off.

Have a safe one!!

Weather permitting I will make this one, loopy and si said something about new years day, dont know whether they meant this or not, hope so cos I dont know anyone else! Mind you thats what these days are for i suppose.

Yeah deano this is the one i meant, u are coming with us

I might be there, but then again, I might not, you just can never tell these days.

good idea Ginge, who gave you that idea

hmm i mite be attending not sure yet, depends on hangover and weather!!

looks like ive been told . see you there!

i dont know could it be the 118 man with a tash or could it be his brother simon

just bumping this, guess its still on??? well ill be out with gill if its dry

Out when what’s dry?

the road???

Okay I’ve lost the plot cos I know about the new time and all but circumstances considered what time are we meeting.

Bear in mind I’m building up to an unveiling bike ceremony for 2007 so is it 1pm or 6pm now?

oh no, im not gonna be able to make this one, im in Brighton, camping it up with the bears. sorry, have a good one and i will see you all very soon!

if its dry ill be down about one ish with Gilly, and maybe R6deano…

im so looking forward to the spring…

wait no more…



haha… u twit

donkey!! ha ha,