New THINK! campaign

Aimed at car drivers:

Aimed at motorcyclists:

Some good reading and alarming stats.

Interesting reading!

I saw the THINK! motorcycle TV ad. Made me think a little about my riding, especially being quite a new rider. Quite impressive.

I loved their Perfect Day one from last year, and the one before that with the biker doing his Ghostrider impression in what looked like Central London but with a crucial difference in the end stopped me in my tracks when I saw it in the movies.

However, a few months ago I asked my colleagues who’d remembered seeing them: most bikers had, and NONE of the car drivers remembered seeing any kind of THINK campaign.

So, looks like quite a lot of work is still to be done!

I’ve had enough of there advert for teenagers, you know the one thats recorded on the mobile phone of the little chav getting run over. It does get a little disturbing after a while.

Seeing as I have to watch TV all day at work (great I know ), I have to watch this bloody advert again and again and again! But the thing that gets me is the people who run Think! didn’t think themselves. Why advertise something for teenagers on a horseracing channel?

It would be nice if these weren’t just pages of text or easily dismissed adverts, they should go through all this in the theory test and during the driving test!

Some good reading and alarming stats???

everyone know 42% of statistics are just made up on the spot…

It will be good if in a years time the numbers are down for bike deaths or crashs. My only problem is that I want to see the money spent on TV ads and paper ads to be put into schools for traching kids on both the dangers of bikes and cars. But any chance of saving our lives must be good

Paivi’s point is key here.

Car drivers don’t pay attention. We all know that and I beleive lesson one in biking is do not be afraid to use your horn.

One of my colleagues at work has diabetes when he suffered his first attack and black out he drove for twenty miles in a state of autonism before anything happened. That journey was through Luton! God knows how many junctions he must have had to have driven through in that state, but nobody including him knew there was anything wrong with his driving.

What does that say for the normal state of most car drivers?


If the advert made you think about your own riding, you might consider having a day out with bikesafe. I did and it helps me think about other peoples driving.

The day costs about £30, runs out of the Ace and includes your lunch, but If you’re a public employee you get it for free!

If you a council tax payer in London you will take heart in knowing the massive increases in your council tax are funding this, Red Ken is currently paying out £300 per police officer per day to work on this.

I think Dancbrrider is involved in insurance so he would be able to tell you how much of a discount you can get for doing the course, all in all it could be self-funding.

Sorry if I banged on about this, I had a great day out and it improved my riding.

Mmmm … certainly makes ya think!

One of the guys who works with me did that Bikesafe course … he had a great time & reckons it improved his riding. I think I might have to do the same myself … it certainly can’t do me any harm!

As for car drivers not seeing me … I look at it like this … I am invisible, you Mr Car Driver, do what you want, and I’ll go around you!

Nice post Snap! … and good chatting with you up the Ace on Friday!

Cheers Tommymac.

I’ve always planned to do my bikesafe, but at the mo i’m only riding a 125 and haven’t got round to taking my test. I reckon i’ll have more of an experience on a beefier bike.

It will prob be one of the first things i do when i finally ditch the L plates.

Speaking to a few “real” bikers the course pays for itself in the first year cos of the insurance discount.

Better get my a** into gear and book me a test!