New test becomes operational on 27th April

For all interested in getting their test done before it all changes
it becomes operational on the 27th April

To let you know the ins and outs of the new test it is still up in the air as there is a consultation going on at the moment

Although it looks like it is going to be broken up into two completly seperate test.
the off road part possibly costing £15.50 and the on road part £75.00. total £90.50
So going to add to cost of passing
as you could possibly take a chance and do both parts on the same day but if you dont pass the first part you will not even be allowed to see what the second part is like. The original proposal was that if you failed the first part you could still go out and get the experience of the second part unless you did something dangerous but that no longer applies now.

In our area the local testing site has temporarily fallen through so therefore the first part will be carried out in maidstone at the police headquarters and the second part in gillingham at the original test center, logistically making it harder to book the tests if that is both parts are available that week, so that they are either on the same or next day the two parts which would envolve an extra days training at extra cost. so much for the gov`t being pro bike

so get your test done sooner rather than later

for more info look at our website

I have just revamped our website so any comments or ideas for improvement would be welcomed

regards chris white
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I was under the impression that “the change” happened at the end of March, having been deferred 6 months from it’s original implementation at the end of September?

Just been to check DSA’s website and it does indeed say:

But then:

What is the relevance of the 30 March 2009 date - if they aren’t going to be conducting new tests until 27 April?

I’m not the only one who thought it was changing at the end of March am I? scratches head

He he is this an attempt at some free advertising:):):slight_smile:


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