New Suzuki X-HEAD!

Hehehe, looks funny. I may be a Suzuki fan, but I’m not sure even I could drive one of these! Still, if it came with a free RM-Z 450, I might be persuaded otherwise. I like the BBQ panels and big cabin though.

From Suzuki:






That is kind of cool, actually…in an overgrown Tonka truck kind of way.

I think I’d keep the DRZ-400 and try to sell the rest on E-Bay or Craigslist. :laugh:

is that a petrol cap on its side or where you wind it up:laugh:

is cool lookin tho:w00t: but will it lose value once you take out the box?

optional extras jackin the box bonnet & playdough wheels

I wouldn’t drive that car.



Even less people would take me seriously if I drove one of those.

I’ll take one in black please :slight_smile: