New Suzuki Dealership in Finchely?

Does anyone know anything about them?

Need to get something sorted under warranty ASAP and was given their number by Suzuki, but am reluctant to take my bike to people I know nothing about.


EDIT: or can anyone recommend another authorized Suzuki dealer (the closer to Barnet the better) other than WL Suzuki, Metropolis and Daytona as the first 2 are booked up until mid April and Daytona is no longer an authroized Suzuki dealer

Ok, its scooter planet, they’re gonna be changing to an authorized suzuki dealer bike shop. Gonna just book and see how they are!

Let us know how it goes Full Throttle!

As far as I know it’s a tiny scooter shop in Ballards lane. I’d be surprised if they took on any warrenty work… It would be good to have a Suzuki dealer in london as there dont seem to be any left nowadays!!

Let us know how you get on as I’m tempted to buy a GSXR 750 K6 in black!

Will be taking the bike in on Wednesday. They sound cool on the phone but am just curious as to how experienced with suzuki bikes the mechanic there will be.

I agree we definately need more suzuki dealers so will be very pleased if these people turn out to be good! Will give some feedback once the work is done

I’m gutted…so many good sides to bikes and only really one bad…bikes are my life and have been for many years, riding, friends, work, family, everything…