there another new style one on the city road just after the angel going towards old street roundabout just just where the texico petrol garage is

They are popping up everywhere… There are some on the A40 at the Savoy junction and some on Wimbledon Common too!! They don’t flash either…

wont be able to go anywhere soon with out the evil eye watching over us!!!
i didnt know that they didnt flash!! oh shit so now ya dont even know if they got ya or not daylight robbery!!! legal thieves!

Tell me about it!!! Fookers…

Do they have painted lines in the road? There’s one down the road from me in Brentford but it’s still covered up at the moment.

Bollox! Not good!

These fucking camera have not lines, and the speed is calibrated internaly - the upshot is there is no way to contest the photo evidence.

Is that the one in ealing road just before/after the hump bridge?

These f**king things are popping up at an alarming rate!! I’m sure this government wants a 100% quota for the number of motorists with points on their licence and wont stop till they’ve got it.

Y’know what, I dont think I’d mind too much if only the authorities put as much effort into combating other offences-such as m/cycle theft- as they do with speeding.

Its getting ridiculous. Congrats, well done and a massive pat on the back to those who successfully torch these government tax moneyboxes. Burn baby…Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

That’s the one. Good thing is that it isn’t close enough to ruin my run-up for the daily mini jump over the bridge. Good fun when the cars are backed up from the roundabout on the other side!! Stoppie-tastic!!!

Can anybody spot who is installing these ***************** things ?? What company name please ??

I want to know who is actually installing them, preferrably not just the subcontractor ??

Does everyone know that these new camera’s are now dual purpose. This means that the camera’s on traffic lights can also do you for speeding when the lights are on Green.


The only good new (if you can call it that) is that they now work using sensors in the ground to trigger the camera. Not that any of us would do this, but i’s assuming that if you were to ride around the sensors, the camera would not be triggered. The sensors are normally seen as black lines across the carriageway. (see pic)

The link for more info is:

Is this the tall and small variety?


They are now twice the height and twice as hard to see.

They hope this will stop people putting buring tyres on them!

looking at the pics in them links it looks like to me that they do indeed flash, look at the reflection on the lorry, all the ones ive seen around the smoke are empty as in the link you can see when they have a camera installed, and the window in the bottom deffinatley has a flash in it…

You’re right, they do flash, but only at night, so you could quite easliy ride through one thinking you got away with it during the day.

They have already started replacing the existing camera’s on the Lea Bridge Rd. There is one by the ice rink that still has the plastic wrapping on top of it and one further up as you come up to Bakers Arms, which is next to the old one. (I wonder if they could give you two tickets cos thay have two camera’s side by side?)

I thought that the goverment had put a stop to more cameras pending an enquiry?!

So are these just new cameras at old sites then?

No they are popping up everywhere and some have new lines painted on the road and with NO warning signs eather. New ones in green lanes Harringay and 2 on the wooddord new road again no warning signs!!!

Seen a few of them pop up around town… And I was under the impression that HM government had stopped installing more cameras

I was obviously under the wrong misconception about speed cameras. I am sure whenever you hear one of the chief of police (the ones with the scrambled egg on their hats). They say that “the cameras are installed for safety and not to catch you out. The cameras are always visible and you have ample time to slow for them as its just a reminder if you do go slightly over the speed limit”… What a crock of crap… They are springing up everywhere and as you say they are getting harder and harder to see. One more thing before I get off my soap box (persil non bio) where does the revenue go for all these millions of pounds that are collected by speed fines. Cos it aint back into the road systems and it isnt for putting more bobbys on the street??? Must be one of lifes little mysteries…

Flip up plates work wonders…