New Streetfighters Video

Just a quick post to say that i bought the latest DVD featuring our very own Awol and the 444 team at NEC yesterday, and although then DVD’s not nearly long enough, i’d encourage you all to watch it if possible.

A whole chapter dedicated to the 444 boys, but not enough of the Awol lot i thought. Still they’ve come on a long way over the last year, there might be an entire DVD dedicated to these two groups by next year.

Ah, well, Streetfighters’ DVDs are always between 40 and 45 minutes long. DV8 is 43 mins, so not too bad

Oh, and the DVD’s made by just one poor bloke, who spends 8 months each year flogging his guts out trying to make something worth watching. But don’t feel too sorry for him 'cos at least he’s incredibly attractive, a damn fine shag and rolling in money

yer well pleased with it when i seen it big up veggie dave your da man.