New Street Triple.. and its UGLY!!

why oh why did they put the headlights on this as well?? i know that street triple must look like the speed but they could have tried something else :ermm:

Triumph says: “Both models have been ‘dechromed’ with brushed steel exhaust headers, heel guards and silencers replacing the previous polished items, while new handlebar clamps, machined detail on the handlebar end weights and redesigned headstock infills add a further touch of quality to the class leader.

"The standard model also benefits from the same high quality aluminium handlebars, as fitted to the Street Triple R, while both variants feature Triumph’s comprehensive latest specification instrument pack.”

Mechanically there are no changes (the Street Triple keeps the same 104.5bhp inline three-cylinder motor) so existing owners will have an easy time of telling themselves their bike is in no way rendered obsolete overnight.

from MCN


The Street Triple will be offered in metallic white, black and a new purple color, while the R version will come in red, white or black with gold wheels.

You love it…its your guilty pleasure

Must say I prefer my 07 model:D It’s an awesome machine :smiley: And those twin headlights are beauties - i like the design better than the new ones.

Pan is one of those sick pervs who likes to wallow in “bad taste” … if you ever need to find him, head on down to Dorothy Perkins and you’ll find him stroking the floral frocks whilst mumbling…

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Get some high brightness bulbs in there to get rid of that yellow hue and give you a much better view/chance of being seen at night!

I got some halfords ones that had blue bits in the middle, they look like eyes :smiley:

Just look at that …

The round headlights look so much more right. The first report I read on the new triple questioned the designers sanity on the headlight configuration, only time will tell now.


+2 Where do you peoples come up with this stuff. Funny fookers:P

That’s a good tip Alex - although my high vis flashing vest means no one can miss me. But I hadn’t noticed the yellow hue before so thanks - will check it out.

Agreed Art, the round headlamps are just far more in line with the bike, than those funny shaped lights :slight_smile:

going to throw this out there but I like the new lights :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw one of the new Speeds on Sunday in the flesh. Did not like the lamps at all. Glad I’ve got one of the old Streets.

P.S. If Triumph say they want to “dechrome” the Striple then they could put the round headlights from the Thunderbird (I think) - they are black. Personally I prefer minimal chrome, I got rid of the chrome heel guards right away. The chrome on my headlights is dull and has accumulated a bit of dirt from the application of Scottoiler 365

does it still sound like a hairdrier?

an ungly hairdrier from Dorothy perkins :smiley:

I don’t know who would buy one of these bikes!

Someone with enough money to also buy two round headlights?

I like the new lights too. Personally I could never hack the round spots - particularly as they were chrome.

That’s easily rectified with an arrow can:)

Everyone I’ve met who has ridden an old style Triple (if you can call the 07 design ‘old’) has lurved them :wink: - you know you want a go on the new one too Pan, with the lamps - hence the ‘he does protest too much’ thread:D

I used to be a Hornet owner like you too, but the Striple does beat the Hornet for fun, acceleration and all round ‘ooommpph’:stuck_out_tongue:

after all the blood,sweat,tears and love ive poored into the hornet i cant think of a bike that could replace it… no matter the headlights :stuck_out_tongue: