New Speed Triple 1200 RR Design Prototype

is that a fairing!?


Ooh that’s exciting

Behold, my Photoshop ENHANCE work…

Very interesting.


I’m so glad someone got that :slight_smile:

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Fast sports tourer.

LOL…thats funny as a IT bod, it fucking urks me when a film / show rolls that out

So it’s going to look like bandit… and I had so much hopes ;(


I spoke to someone at Triumph this weekend at the MotoGP, and they said it’s going to be fully-faired. I doubted this, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Being unveiled next Tuesday (14th)


Here she is, in Triumph dealerships in January 2022 and it has an OTR price of £17,950.

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As a big fan of half-faired bikes, I must say I like it.

At £18k the price is a bit salty though.

Wonder how long before someone makes some side panels to make it a 1200 Daytona

This just popped up on my timeline