New Speed Camera

Hi All,

On my daily commute I use the road from A20 to Lee highstreet (Has a bus lane on London bound route). There has always been camera’s but no lines. Yesterday I went through them and there were now lines. It didn’t flash but i was a tad over 30MPH on the speedo.

Does anyone know if these are now active?


if its there and has lines then id imagine it is active, why risk it

The new cameras (the smaller type that are higher up) don’t flash if there is enough light.

OH dear not good, what is the normal amount of time to wait for a penalty? 6 weeks?

You’ve got 14 days of torture to wait and see if the NIP’S (notice of intended prosecution) arrives in the post!

14 Days … ohh that is bettes than my original idea of 6 weeks of torture…