New speed Camera on Euston Road?

Anyone know anything about a new speed camera on Euston Road - travelling west just before you drop down the underpass?

A biker stopped next to me at the lights near Euston fire station today and reckoned he had a Ticket for every day of last week. Erk!

Ouch, not seen it before, but travelling east not west, will have a look tonight.

yes it’s a new digital infra red camera - no flash when you get done… BUT it’s not operational yet, or rather if it is then the tickets are not valid as there’s no lines on the road yet… very important point those lines… you can’t be done if they’re not there!


Saw it on Saturday on the BCW. Didn’t see the lines but no doubt they are on the way soon so be carefull heading along that way.

There’s one east bound too - I passed it tonight. No lines yet. It’s sited on the slip road to warren street but I assume the lines will cover the two lanes going into the underpass.

Saw it myself this morning and thought “Oh Sh*t” as I cruised through. It’s one of the smaller yellow ones and is mounted higher than the usual cameras. No lines one the ground yet but I’m sure they will follow shortly.

Keep your eye’s peeled folks.

Alternatively, I’m thinking of inventing a hinged number plate with a small motor. This would be activated by a swtich on the handlebar so that if needed, I could press the button and plate would fold up. Now I know what you are all thinking - he wants to speed through the cameras with no plate showing but in all honesty, I would only use it to keep the plate nice and clean when parked off road.

Phew, I never saw that one either and was stuck behind loads of traffic slowing down, just as well as. Where have they hidden them? I was really trying to see them!

About the lines, a friend recently told me that the new cameras don’t necessarily need lines? Is that true? Can’t work out how they will measure speed without, but…

One option other than the lines could be two points on say, the railings next to the road. If the camera knows the distance between the points, then it might be as good as the lines.

Alternatively, what about putting the lines on the actual lense of the camera (at scale obviously). As the painted lines don’t move, the picture would simply be super-imposed over the stencil and the speed could be calculated that way.

I have no idea if these would actually work, but just some thoughts.

Good idea mate… couple of points in response ! :slight_smile:

1 - lines on the camera don’t work because the cameras can move… even movement of less than 1mm during shots could have an adverse affect on where the lines appear, and therefore on their use as evidence.

2 - lines are meant to be on the road as it’s very difficult for the authories to calculate your speed manually if your vehicle isn’t ‘over’ the lines… which is why quite a lot bike prosecutions get dropped when challenged… believe it or not!

3 - I think there’d be general uproar from the general public if they made speed cameras any more difficult to spot!


I’m just hoping it isn’t functional yet as the lines haven’t been painted.
Haven’t seen the East bound one yet. (more groans)

well i hope theyre not operational or im in for a ban, go that way to/from work and not even noticed them

Although in plain view it’s hard to spot because it’s up high and in that wide slip road - when your attention is focussed on the underpass. Look to the left as you pass through the set of lights at Gt. Portland Street and come up to the slip road.

Went past this am and the lines have now been drawn. Not sure if the camera is working but people were slamming on their brakes all over the shop just in case.

Heads up people.

yea do come as a bit of a surprise, must go thru about 15 traps on way to work Now got average speed cameras on A2 where it joins M25, but at least they r front facing

Yeah lines both sides now. When I passed on Monday night, the Westbound camera wasn’t up - the post was, but just trailing wires…? Eastbound had camera + lines.

Well, I didn’t get anything through the post. So that’s a relief.
The one on the opposite side has no head still. But watch out for all the maniac braking that goes on - usually private hire car co’s like West One.