New speed camera - just literally gone up this afternoon - Old Kent Road Northbound

Was on my way into work about an hour and half ago and there’s been a new camera just erected North bound Old Kent road. The boys were just sweeping away the debris but it looked like the 3 lines were already in the road too…

I’m sure if i’m correct it was just before Kwik Fit; it’s actually quite a bit further back that kwik fit, but you can easily spot it.

thanks for the heads up I used this strecth of the okr everyday on the way to work…

thanks for the warning mate!i think you have it marked opposite pc world/b&q on that map but will keep an eye out all the way along

Yeah although i use the road every day i don’t really know the road names, you’ll be bound to see it anyhow…

P.s. It’s a tall one not the normal 10ft ones!

Also two on the north side of limehouse link! Aspen way, Both sides of road.

40mph be aware of this.

Joe :wink:

Oh bother, this is on my way to work…I’ll never remember to slow down for it:(

Actually a lot further back than i thought so i’ve edited the first post.

I went through there this morning… don’t recall seeing any markings on the road yet… but I’m not taking any chances

There isn’t any markings but it looks like there is a sensor implanted the road.

oh ar8e!came back from kent late last night and completely forgot about that new camera, have to admit i usually sit around the 32-35 mark on that stretch, oh well lets see what turns up in 2 wks time :doze:

if you are coming into london on the Old Kent Road as soon as you can see the KFC on your left slow down, the camera is on your left on a high pole, not easily spotted to be honest, and no marking on the road (at the time of this post)

here’s the link:

click here

watch out the limit is 30mph !

Aye it’s just after Asylum Road, as you’re going north bound. No road markings as yet, and that was Thursday afternoon.

even after reading this I still nearly missed the bloody thing…

thats what happens when you have 2 weeks away from the roads!!

its the other side of kfc nr kwik fit i think it only a bus lane camera though.

No, sadly it’s a new style speed camera, digital, doesn’t normally flash. There still aren’t any markings on the road so I don’t think it’s operational yet, but don’t blame me when the summons arrives:D

More bad news for the beleaguered motorist, DuePont affiliate Wesson Polyploid RHO has developed a
special paint that will enable police to identify drivers who rest in box junctions and drive over
painted chevrons, for several weeks after the event.
The paint contains tiny ‘intelligent’ bubbles that contain fluorescent dyes which, in
the case of the yellow paint used in the cross hatch pattern of the box junction, is released onto
the tyres of the offending vehicle when sustained pressure is applied or in layman’s terms,
when a vehicles wheels come to rest on the paint for more than 20 seconds.
The white, chevron, paint contains capsules that release their dye instantly whenever a vehicle
drives over them.To detect offending vehicle tyres the police simply have to don special filter spectacles and the
dye traces are revealed as bright ‘stains’ that ‘flash’ as the wheels go
round. The dyes are completely waterproof and ‘stick’ to the tyres using electro-static
magnetism. Tests have shown that even after a thorough wash with powerful detergents the tell tale
marks are still clearly visible using the filter spectacles. Only after several months of tyre wear
does the dye become undetectable, by which time the offender will have been pulled over by the
police and issued with a £30.00 fixed penalty notice.

The boffins at DuePont are currently working on a ‘intelligent’ paint that releases dye
in an accumulative manner for the white lines in the middle of the road. This would mean that the
dye is released in detectable amounts only when drivers cross solid white lines, and not broken
lines, when overtaking.
It is hoped that UK based company Optispec ( will supply the filter spectacles
under license.

Good call m8, thanks.