Saturday 5th March

Booked in for what i think is the first run out at the newly revised circuit. Can’t wait.

Inters, well it will be the first of the season;)

Focused Events.

Looks like a good layout!

Ill see ya there fellas

If the engine is rebuilt by then, I might see you down there mate.

Looks interesting. Would love to try it!

Is it dangerous?

Certainly a good place to let he BMW loose! :slight_smile:

I was thinking of booking that too.

The surface will be very green so don’t expect a lot of grip though.

I think turn 13 will be pretty difficult.

You used have a nice straight bit of track after corum to do your braking in, now your going to have to do a lot of it with the bike on the side of the tyre.

How difficult on a scale of 1 to 3?

When you say the track is green, is this a moss problem?

Sounds like road racing is the safe option, snow or no snow.

It used to be one of the easiest tracks to learn and great for first timers. Now though with the changes I’m not so sure. No one has ridden it yet that I know so it’s going to be very interesting to learn the right lines.

Easy to learn - hard to master.

Like yer said to Kaos, no-one learns by riding the same old route day in day out.

Time to step up to the mark and ride it PJ stylee, look out for the kitty poo.:smiley:

i cannot wait, im might book in for the 5th as some of my mates from snetterton are booked in on it. Noone has ridden it yet PJ its not even had the road surface layed yet, it looks amazing!! Maybe some better racing will head that way after its been ridden, think it will make a great BSB track for next year!

Booked. :smiley:

Well if there’s a old boys day out going on…

TD Junkie, how many seconds head start are you going to give the happy shopper 'round Snett? " mahoosive straights and 50BHP difference - I demand a handicap system!

Don’t you already have one, I’m sure there’s a weight handicap in place;)

LOL - that’s a bit cheeky.I’ve booked despite my concerns over the surface - should be good to how the new actually comes together.There’s a TD there the week before so I’ll try and get some feedback.

Not sure how i felt about the old circuit , certainly didnt like the chicane which was a bodge to a problem as was/is the bus stop at mallory , but this looks good for snett as they have added something without really taking anything away . Was in no hurry to go back there but cant wait to try the new section , all those lefts as well , helps tyre temps .

Ain’t seen the Saturday rota for new year yet, I’ll book once I know I can go…

you’ve thought this through, Norfolk in march? you’ll need a cagoole and wellies…

The old circuit was awesome - the new layout shows great promise.

I realise this day is a bit of a punt. No day off required though, and if I have a overseas job come in I’ll more than likely just bin the TD.

If the weather’s really crap I’ll sit on my comfy chair in the garages listening to my new I pod - though saying that I failed to get out of bed for 3 weekend TDs last year.