New small rear facing cameras after Blackwall Tunnel Southbound exit


Noticed last night a set of fairly small rear facing cameras with yellow marking on them just after the Blackwall Tunnel southbound exit, just before the 1st exit if memory serves me well, up high on the left hand side.I can only find this thread which is due an answer soon

Anybody know if they’re speed related and live, they look smaller than the average cameras put in for the barrier repairs

Probably testing, TFL plan to set these up between Blackwell Tunnel and Crayford and fleece motorists using the 50mph six lane highway both directions.

Heard from a ‘uniformed friend’ that when the current road works are finished there will be 50 mph average speed cameras from Blackwall Tunnel to Crayford 

Nooooo, I see road markings have started to appear and other camera mounts are cropping up. Looks like this won’t be far off now