New Site Version Now Up! Problems? Let Us Know!

We’ve just launched a new version of the website, and technically it’s a big deal, there’s a lot of things in there to speed things up and to change the url’s of news stories, articles, galleries and the like. We’ve also added in an email notification system for the comments so you can get notified when someone else comments on a thread you’ve commented on.

As ever, if you come across any problems, please let us know here asap so we can get on top of them quickly. Updates of this size don’t always go silky smooth, a bit like launching a new airport terminal :slight_smile:

We’ve added in another new feature; community stats for the month. On the homepage you can now see who are the top community members and some other stats. These stats will update every day to show who’s using the forums the most for the last 30 days (staff not included):



ahhhh i did wonder why the site was down, top work :smiley:

“Let us know”

My God! There are two Johnps! :w00t:

Top Community Members This Month:
#1 (1,130)ChunkyMonkey
#2 (428) Ratty46
#3 (425) Arnie
#4 (417) Grimbusa
#5 (405) johnp
#6 (366) OrangeSpoon
#7 (365) stevewright
#8 (311) Yslart
#9 (282) GSXRAng
#10 (239) Terry-Moto
#11 (1,130)ChunkyMonkey
#12 (428) Ratty46
#13 (425) Arnie
#14 (417) Grimbusa
#15 (405) johnp
#16 (366) OrangeSpoon
#17 (365) stevewright
#18 (311) Yslart
#19 (282) GSXRAng
#20 (239) Terry-Moto

I’m on it. Gremlins in the works… :slight_smile:

Without sounding like I’m bum licking or anything like that … I would just like to share my appreciation by saying ‘thanks’ for this online forum.

It is probably the best biking forum in the world! :w00t:

Brilliant design asthetics, streamline … and very dynamic.

Well done to Jay and the team behind LB :blush:

where did ya find that, hmm you can tell who’s got real jobs :stuck_out_tongue: