New Site Stats

We’re a month into the new site being launched and by all accounts it’s been well received, which is a relief to us. Work doesn’t stop here though, we’ve got some new forums coming shortly, but for now I thought I’d share the relaunch-months stats a bit.

We had 13 million hits, 3.3 million page-views and 216,000 unique readers last month. That’s incredible for a site like ours, and clearly more than all the bike magazines manage to sell. The magazine aspect of the site had nearly double the amount of forum usage, with our WSB, BSB, MotoGP and Product news channels being the most popular.

We moved a few hundred gigabytes of bandwidth as well, mainly due to our galleries and editorial slide-shows. 85% of our readers are from the UK, with the rest from America and the world over. 60% of visitors use a split of IE6 and IE7 with the rest from Firefox and other browsers. 5% of our traffic comes from Apple Mac’s. Hardly anyone is using Windows Vista.

We’re still looking for people to help us develop our news channels, so if you have some spare time every now and then, then please get in contact. No journalist skills are necessary. Opportunities will arise from this.

Thank you for keeping us up to date, it’s nice to hear that your baby is doing you proud!

PS. Only 5% Mac users!? Surely there are more of us

I’m a Mac user!!!

Good news about the site a successful re-launch by all accounts. Photos a real strength.

Here’s one of my favourite sets, hadn’t noticed the commentary before. Is this another new addition, or am I just not paying attention?

The comments aren’t new, but we have made them more visible I believe. Andrew does a truly sterling effort with his commentary of the BSB races.

Thanks Lusty!

I’m disturbed that so few people are using Firefox.

Are the rest all mentals, is there a support program for people stuck to microsoft?

I suspect the majority of the hits during ‘working’ hours are on company pcs where IE is still very much the norm

They clearly need new jobs. Or to download it anyway.

Well done.

Just had a look and 1089 guests active in the past 60 minutes. Sounds like you will be on BBC levels soon.

Also, 216,000 is nothing short of amazing. You should put forward a case to companies about a marketing plan as this number is a lot more than many multi million £ companies get a month.

Interesting to know what profit there is out of the numbers?

Thanks Niceday. There’s no profits, the site has yet to support itself fully, i.e. pay for peoples time and efforts.

Oooooo! Ooooooo! figures figures, numbers numbers !! Boring !!

Very true about numbers not being that interesting at times to most people. But if you work in marketing the numbers in this post will give you reason to check how they have come about and look into how they have moved up and down of a period.

Anyway, just like in the bedroom, it still stands outside of the bedroom. Its not the size, its what you do with it (as most people know, the owner of the tool often talks up the size to impress people wanting to get into bed )

BTW, on the Firefox/IE split - I use firefox, but as the forum still was broken for Firefox last time I tried, I use a plugin which means when visiting LB IE renders the HTML from within FF. That will skew your stats towards IE as my machine will claim to be using IE when it is actually running FF!

That was more boring than the numbers… Yawn!!! As for the bedroom its the extras not the size…

Talk to any girl and she will tell you its only the small ones than need to pack extras

granted … but what extra is being packed!

Pneumatic dildo for the win!

Sorry Jay…Good numbers…Fix the forum for FF and all will be good…Cheers.

I use FF. What troubles are you having?

I also use FF and don’t have any probs apart from: I can’t work out how to make type italic or bold.

wrap the word in tags, or , Lustfish!