New Set of Wheels

At long last, I have got back onto two wheels again.

Thanks to everyone who supported me last October when the CBR was stolen.

See you around in the near future


My CBR Thou.jpg

Hubba Hubba!!! Nice.

Real nice wheels GingerBC… Do you live near Willesden or just shop there every time I go past that shop I dribble over the Respol blades

Wow! What a nice bike girl! I want one, lol

That’s just simply awesome!!! Very sweet bike!

Charlie, you naughty boy! No a bad idea though…lol


Congratulations, GBC! You came out on top! Superb bike, and the colour suits you, lol… Hope to see you at Cubana soon…

Sweet bike

Sweet Rider !!

Very Nice

not bad for a lawnmower…

Nice bike too.

When did you get back to the UK of A? How were your tavels and why haven’t we seen pictures of you outside various Ace Cafes’s around the rest of the Eastern world for ages?

Anyway welcome home whenever it is you got home

I got back in early May and have been working hard to get a new set of wheels.

I’m off to the US in August so will try to discover a new Ace Cafe over there.

I have to photobucket my pics i have thousands but it’s having the time to do it when i have been working so hard then riding/catching up with people

The bike was brilliant GBC! I have been a fan of the new blade since they made it in black and Repsol colours!

Yep, Repsol colours are cool although i did hear rumours of a pull out next year from Honda.

Damn impressed you all thought it was brand new

I must concede that the under seat zorst are nice. Best looking of the Blades IMO.

It did look brand-new GBC! Not a mark on it, no marks from washing, i.e. on the tank…

thats a sweet ride u have there, where did u score that from?

was thinking the same