new seat come

got me new seat ,fast wow:D




That looks very comfy :wink:

Nice Armchair!!

nice :smiley:

ride feeels lower to the ground nice, seat is wider so back on tip toe,


bikes far too clean…needs to be ridden not polished

wanna do mine

:hehe::hehe:i ride 88 miles every day all weathers

wash it 3/4 times a weak even if it just cold water to wash of the road

stuff, i would like to get it resprayed few scratches were i dropped it

a few times DOH:w00t: need to gat some bungs too:D:

or stabilisers:hehe::hehe:

fair enough, use mine everyday but 3.30am get up for work and home around 5pm means it gets washed weekly, same as you I gotta get bungs on it or new front RH panel where I dropped it the other week few scratches on it, so annoyed at that !!!