new screen

gona take it out in a bit give it try.


It looks a tad on the dark side

Yeah and you wanna get that leather crap off your tank too. All you need is one pea gravel bugger to get in under there and your tank paint work is toast and you don’t notice til you get the cover off and when you go to sell!

The screen looks fine:)

  • 1 about the tank bag holder. Far too useful to take off. We don’t all want to think about “time to sell” over practicalities of using the bike:)

Ooh Jetz, I been slapped down, never seen a -1 before…

It didn’t hurt much though did it? just a tiny little slap:)

Easy tiger! That’s not my bag… :slight_smile:

Wow! a ‘-’ that’s harsh…

Whats that other bike in the garage?

Yam SR500?

1987 kawasaki en450:D

I take the bra on her on a regular basis and give it a rub down:D

makes a difference don’t it :slight_smile:

Yes ,only went down town, will give it good ride in the weak:D