New rules

We need some new rules for the site. In the same vein as launching light, I’d like to keep things as simple as possible to reflect the fact we’re an accommodating bunch, but no walk over :slight_smile: I’m thinking about the following. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • No personal attacks, hateful comments or bullying
  • No attacks on people’s religious beliefs
  • No racism
  • No commercial posts of any kind
  • No posting or sharing of illegal material
  • No posting of porn
  • Try and keep posts in the relevant forum otherwise we may have to move them

Please extend the same common courtesy and decency to all members on the site as you would in person. Keyboard warriors are not cool and definitely not welcome. We are a community of bikers, who like to meet and ride together, if you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it online.

Note: friendly banter is accepted and even encouraged if appropriate, though anything that could genuinely hurt someone’s feelings will be reviewed and if necessary, action will be taken.

Any infraction of these rules is likely to be dealt with by a site moderator who will look to remove the post(s) in question and may suspend your account or if appropriate remove you from the site and ban you from rejoining.

All moderator decisions are final.

I think we should make an exception for any post that breaks all of the rules at once.

  • No insults or personal attacks on other members
  • No racism or discriminatory remarks

Are of course the way we should all live so as not to offend others. BUT are we still allowed to have friendly jibes at each other if it’s someone we know? We don’t think Brains T will ever come out with us again if we don’t tease him a bit, it’s his main reason for attending rideouts :slight_smile: (Apart from the fact that he fancies Mrs J rotten) x

I have to agree with the jets. I love a bit of banter and some may see some of it as offensive between a few of us, but we are all mates and know its a joke.

What im asking is…

Can I still be horrible to Slan???

Does that also mean no sharing of MotoGP streams??

Can I be Horrible to Pin, as well!
Slan has to keep picking on Sam its funny.


so we can post links to dogging sites ?

But only around Essex.


I’m glad to see the collective sense of humour has not been lost :slight_smile:

Banter is okay, hurtful remarks or attacks are not. Of course this is subjective and only really definable by the recipient of the attacks, but still, we have to make it clear you can’t be a dick and get away with it. We’ll review any instance on a case by case basis.

Oh, hate statements or attacks on faith or beliefs should be included. I’m sure there’s a more conventional way of expressing this, I’ll look it up.

Updated the OP with some extra points…

honestly? agree with most of the rules but i have been known to make my opinions of people very clear when they offend me.
“if you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it online” - i couldnt agree more with this, but i also dont mind telling people what i think to their face.
“- No personal attacks, hateful comments or bullying will be tolerated” - remember iridelondon? there was all of these category’s and he didn’t really do anything except come on and plug for his vids, he wasn’t part of the community but he came on was able to post…and we responded with the hate of a thousand angry goats.
“- No attacks on peoples beliefs, be they religious or otherwise” - people will always have a difference in opinion over everything and sometimes its better for them to talk it out, sometimes that gets heated…just because both sides are passionate about what they are saying.
“- No racism or discriminatory remarks” - but no one likes the Essex glow >.<
“- No commercial posts or any kind” - have you had an accident at work that wasn’t your fault?
“- No posting or sharing of illegal material” - like videos that may or may not contain speeding / undertaking?
“- No posting of porn” - literally killing me. what about things some deem porn? like reaalllyyyyyy sexyy bikes?
“- Try and keep posts in the relevant forum otherwise we may have to move them” - the majority of us do try and post in the appropriate places…if we get it wrong and you move it…surely thats ok? as long as we are actually trying.
and finally, about the don’t be a dick comment…

All very good comments but do you actually have a suggestion for improvement? :slight_smile:

It’s a balance between letting people know in advance what is not cool and balancing it with the reality that every breach of those rules is probably in a a grey area. This is why we have moderators to take a human, balanced view on each case.

I’m sure the rule about beliefs could be improved. Perhaps just cut back to comments about someone’s religion. That’s never going to be cool and always going to offend people. Not to mention probably illegal.

Also just LOL’d in bed at the video :slight_smile:

Shaunicus we love yer video. Just writing it down so we can live by those rules :slight_smile:

wasnt trying to be argumentative or anything but realistically we are all adults, basic rules of life apply,
-don’t talk shit,
-respect that other people have opinions that may be different to yours.
-whats right for you isn’t for someone else.
-help if you can
-if you have nothing nice to say, shut your mouth. (unless they deserve some verbal!)
these tend to be the rules i live by.

I don’t see any advertising yet, can we diss Google now.

Bloody the laws turned up boys. LEGGIT! :slight_smile:

Knock yourself out Rusty :slight_smile:

Shaunicous, good advice, I might write up a guidelines section to accompany the rules. Ie SHOULD DO and MUST DO sections.

Shame, I was looking forward to start advertising my new weed smuggling and escort services, I had the logo ready and everything. Buy one get one free for the LB members? :wink: :smiley:

I assume you planned on smuggling via the escorts? Would halve your resource overheads.