New Route Required from Palmers Green to Wembley

Getting sick of the A406 after 7 and a half years of doing this route at least times a week.

Can anyone suggest any alternatives?

I’ve tried the M25 but it’s no better.

Any suggestions?

Should I find a local woman? Any free between PG and Wembley feel free to reply. Must be single, under 30 and fit as a carrot.

Time to upgrade to a jetpack?

:w00t: I’m assuming that this is Julie :stuck_out_tongue: -yes it must be such a bore going to see the ungrateful old beggar, I sympathise, but I think you’re stuck with him! :crazy::pinch:

Are you saying that Julie is looking for a woman, that’s Chris on a midnight ramble. :smiley:

It would appear my thinly veiled attempt to shame Mr Jet in an amusing way for suggesting such a preposterous thing crashed and burned!! :ermm: We all know what Chris is like when it’s past midnight and he’s on the sauce :doze: and that he regularly forgets that he doesn’t fully deserve the lovely Mrs Jet. Just a gentle reminder to him that the wonderful Julie has all sorts of alternative options! :cool:

quit moaning Mr J. she’s clearly not ready to have you around 24/7, so get on with it.

she’s well worth the trip. :smiley:

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well there’s a surprise

Our mate Joby has come up with route including the M4

As well as the good old Borough of Kensington and Chelsea! :Whistling:

yeah it looks shite to me too :laugh: :laugh:

So Mrs J is up for grabs :Whistling:

Shes’s a fine looking woman…She palmers green or wembley, love the A406 :smiley:

Wembley - even closer to you Terry! Got a feeling you would take much better care of her.:slight_smile: How would Mrs Moto feel about it though?:Whistling:

you sound like my mum :smiley: