New rider, just passed

Hi Guys,

I’m Chris, 21, based in Kingston. I’m a full time student studying Biomedical Engineering at Imperial. I just passed my bike test yesterday (DAS)! So I went straight home, got some insurance sorted and went over to the ace…quite an experience! Really enjoying it so far…hope to meet some of you all soon :slight_smile:

wellcome mate XD im sure well meet at some point somewer haah XD

Welcome To LB :slight_smile:

Welcome badboy

Welcome to LB, and congrats on passing!

Nice to see another Surrey biker :slight_smile:

Hi welcome, & congrats


Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB and congrats :slight_smile:

Nice one Chris

hi pal, from surbiton here. What bike you got?

yo chris, well done on passing and welcome to LB.:smiley:

Hi Chris and welcome to LB

Welcome to LB mate! Like Leon said: What bike you got?

Wow, thanks guys :slight_smile: Leon and Sookie, I got myself a Z750 about a month back second hand. It’s my first big bike! I’ve been pootling around on my brothers 125 for the last few months so this was a nice step up! Since I wasn’t able to ride it for a few weeks until the test I did a few changes to it…mostly small things but I put some new levers on it, renthal bars/grips/bar ends, shortened the exhaust by 10cm, changed the LED backlights in the clocks, inverted the LCD on the clocks, indicators, and some other bits and bobs. Tried to spend as little as possible on it because the tests/training/insurance is quite a lot of money! Attached a quick pic for you :slight_smile:

verry nice:D

Welcome to LB and enjoy :smiley:

So are you one of those irritating students that wakes me up in the early hours rolling home from Oceana? :w00t:

If not, welcome to LB. :slight_smile: