New rider - Ealing area

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas! Did my DAS a few months ago in Bristol and I’m looking for others to go on ride outs with now and again, while I’m stationed in London for a bit!

Current running an 05 SV650s with a few mods:

Enjoy the holidays folk.

If there’s anyone who fancies an outing before the new year or in Jan, give me a shout!

Welcome, nice sv :slight_smile:

Hey mate and welcome, im in the Ealing area also!



there are a few people around your area, and you are 10 mins away from the Ace so see you there!

ps Happy Christmas

Welcome plenty of s in W4 & w5 should honk weekend rides will be on again post new year, might even get out tis weekend, if I can be bothered to refit battery etc :smiley:

Welcome SKe! :slight_smile:
See you soon at Ace or Borough Market meet.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:


@szymon: Cheers, my first big bike! Learnt on a CB500, CBF600 and an XJ6. I tried out a few when looking around including a nice fzr 600, but had loadss of fun testing out the SV so thought I’d go for it!@rixxy: Cool! I’ve had my eye on an R1200GS for a possible secondary bike, looks great.

@kishan: Thanks :P. The typhoon looks like a tidy scoot, I’ve actually never even been on a scooter but I bet they’re awesome around town and stuff! See you about.@flumpit: Yeah, lucky that I’m so close to the Ace! I’ve only been there once before for some grub but I’ve heard the bike nights are a good laugh, so I’ll likely head down at some point!@Bazacasa: Would definitely be up for that :cool:.@Lstar: Yup I’ll head down at some point, so I’ll see you about!@banditjohn: Ty buddy!@TheUnforgiven: Thanks :).

Welcome - before I bought my Hornet, I was on my way to buy a black SV650 and I made that last confirmation call to the dealler to check he still has not sold it…and he was amidst the sale when I called…shame…but I’m very happy with my Hornet now

Hello and welcome, my bro had SV650, he loved it but had to sell it after smashing his elbow in to little pieces :crazy:

Must say he had a ‘carbon can company’ exhaust, sounded amazing, used to make mine sound like a hair dryer :smiley:

hello and happy riding!

Welcome aboard