New rider arrived


I’ve been riding a moped for a year and was hooked so got my license (second attempt) and now ride a Bandit 650s.
Mostly commute into central London and have been riding the Bandit for about 2 months.
I’m a big action sports fan so I usually do a lot DownHill on my mountain bike round the UK in spare time. I also work part time as an action sports photographer so looking forward to getting some good images on my gopro with my bike.
Live not to far from the Ace so might pop in one day to start getting involved.

Hi all.

Welcome Chetanp. You’ll love this site, the bikes, the rides and the bikers.

hi and welcome dude

Welcome fella

Another Newbie…


welcome aboard mate. fantastic bike you got there !!! bet you cant wait til the summer to test her out properly .:wink: . hope to see you up the ace one day.

Welcome to LB… Hope to see you around.

Hi, would be great to see some of your pics/video if you were up for sharing them :slight_smile:

hi mate welcome from another newbie