New ride

Bought a new 2008 ZX-6. My first sports bike. Nice deal as the 09’s are here soon. Feels a bit like Christmas is early. Pick it up next week.

Anybody got any tips for luggage? Planning France next year.

awsome mate! Which colour did ya go for?

I was in a kwacka garage the other day and the guys were trying hard to sell me one. Fortunately for my bank manager i ran out the shop before i signed the dotted line! Was so tempted by an 08 in black. so a sexy looking evil machine.

Take it steady when ya get it! roads are shiiiiite at the moment to say the least.

Have fun :smiley:

I got the blue one. The black does look awesome. My bank manager cried.

Will be taking it easy. My mate just dropped his week old one on the ice :frowning:

sorry to hear that! just make sure you dont do the same. Sports bikes are pretty revvy and can get a bit snappy if you grab to many gears on the down shift. and use that back break as much as poss along with your front! dont buy into the bulshiiiiit people give about not using thier back brake. Its a must in this weather.

The blue is gorgeous!

Hows your bank manager gonna take all the upgrades your gonna inevitaby gonna buy for it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be very careful. Opted for the crash bobbins to keep that fairing a bit protected.

The bank manager has signed up for BUPA.

nice one…blue is da best colour:cool:

get some pics up!! and ditto ryans advice…take it very very easy…


Best luggage for a ZX is a big rucksack


Nice one dude. Nothing like a new ride off the showroom floor. Enjoy and dont listen to anyone else BLUE is the fastest colour !!! :smiley:


tis all about BLUE!:P:D

Ha ha. I’m gald there are a few blue supporters here. Not a fan of riding with a rucksack but don’t know of any luggage to put on it. Tail pack looks so bulky.

bankcard, earplugs, spare change for tea and bacon butties, phone, bin liner style waterproof under the seat. What more could you want on a sports bike??? :smiley:

But surely… Kawasaki = green, right? (pls don’t throw stuff at me…)

OK, OK, so I have an orange bike.

I’ll get my coat.:smiley:

I am sooooooooooo jealous. Enjoy!!!

I had loads of fun on a kwak, their great in the wet too, if you get to france and are near lille pop over to villenueve, theres a cobbled market that attracts foreign bikers (i believe there is an unofficial track nearby) I wasnt there long enough to find out how true that bit was.

u lucky person thair so nice,oxford expand tail pack are pretty good,i went spain 4 10 days did the job .just chuck your pants ond socks away as u go,get a cheap rack if u can for chain lock and water proofs,have fun.

only 1 colour for kawasaki and that is green!

enjoy though bud, and take it easy in this fowl weather.

My my. What a debate has started about colours. My mate has a green one. It’s good to be different. Will check out the luggage tips. Does that mean I have to take my old stringy shreddies with me abroad?

i like the newer zx9 my one was a 94 model i hated it

I’ll settle the debate.

BLACK, BLACK and for those of you who didn’t hear BLACK.