New R6 vid

A must for all R6 fans - big file though

Yam R6 >

WOOOOOOOW, That sounds good, what a screamer, great vid footage

Pity (in my opinion) it’s butt ugly from the front, and ungainly from the rear.

My mate reckoned it looks like Predator without the mask from the front. I agreed.

The Daytona 675 on the other hand…

My thoughts exactly man!
Have to admit, despite the conk, it is bloody gorgeous in profile! As soon as I saw this pic, I decided that I wasnt going to upgrade from my present 2000 R6 until I can get me one of these bad boys. Maybe by then she’ll be a bit older and more partial to surgery on the nose area! Bit of gaffer tape could do the trick I reckon… : )




gorgeous bike, sound (except Rocky theme!), track and footage…gotta go now before its too late

Fantastic looking bike love it.

OMG how fast does it rev! I want one!

Personally, I like the way it looks, but with a track ability and screaming engine like that, who cares how it looks? LOL! Looks like a superb track bike, can’t believe how high it revs! The suspension looks a little unsettled going into turns though, but that could be down to the rider, though I wonder what they say about the stock suspension.

I loved it when I first saw it on the pics… Went to the NEC… Not so sure now! There’s something about that front that I didn’t like!

Great video! Undoubtfully it will be and incredible track bike!

Looks like Yamaha have put a lot of effort in to it and want to whup the opposition in supersport racing next season

With such a long stroke engine, I don’t see how it’s going to be any good on the road, i.e. it’ll be weak at the bottom end with no torque, but get it on the track and keep it past 11k, and you’ll be looking at putting in some stonking times, I would have thought.

ah but yeh but no but yeh…reminds me of my old tuned p/valves + lc’s…s’posed to be no good on the road as zero power bottom end and then all hell broke loose for about a 1000rpm powerband…never had as much fun since, so the R6 should be a scream!!

I wouldn’t say no to a test-ride that co-incided with a trackday at Brands!

a new Yamaha R6 race school please…

I agree the side profile is great, and lets face it we all look in the shop windows so see the side profile A LOT

But I’m with Jay on the revvy thing, why build an engine with a 14500 peak and 17500 redline unless it is meant to be used at 10k + all the time?

How quick will it rev from tickover up to 14-15k for the old traffic light drag race?

It’ll be curious to compare with esp the 675 and 636 from K… - is the Gixxer6 a revvy beast too?

How quick will it rev from tickover up to 14-15k for the old traffic light drag race?

a whole load of clutch/revs and away we go…gonna need shares in a clutch company though!

From watching that video, I’d say it revs out very quickly, quite possibly because of loads of light engine internals to make it rev so high, and a lightweight flywheel. Could be a stonker. Mmmm, bugger.

with you on this one cezar, the ‘in-the-metal’ impression was largely disappointing. can’t say i was dribbling over the 675 for that matter…

might look mean in black tho…