new r1 racebike is a minger

does this look like a crashed road bike that someones about to track or is it just me?

the nose section looks terrible

yamaha, what have you done…:crying:



i like :slight_smile:

Looks like one of my photoshop attempts

swing arm looks cool, but the rest of the bike looks a bit patch work!

Ben, put the crack-pipe down please mate, that looks effing hot!

I have to agree with you there…Looks foooking sweet…Especially the swinger and the exhausts.

Me like :slight_smile:

i like my crack-pipe, and you’re both going blind from all that self interference

i suppose on the plus side is that when you drop it, it wont be so obvious :wink:



i think it looks nasty… but then i don`t like any r1:D:P

play-dough fairings… i like :smiley:

love the back end of it, pipes and swingarm…front end…nah looks wrong:w00t:

Rear of the bike look great, but the front… well it’s like a naked bike project, and someone just add those additional plastics just to make it look like a sport bike and aerodynamic. It’s my opinion…


Where’s the chrome :D:D:D


Is it finished ? Looks like half a job . . . :smiley:

very nice!:stuck_out_tongue:

i vitually never give sports/race bikes a second glance but that is f**kin beautifull , raw, hardcore,purposefull. a slut of a bike without make-up :slight_smile:

Being a devout Honda man…I love it :wink:

I love it, just asked the wife if we could sell the house and get one.
It also sounds just like the M1, so its going to sell like hot cakes, have a listen.

Ben Spies and Tom Sykes test the 2009 Yamaha R1**

Was it styled by Stevie Wonder?:cool:

The fairing mid section is off the wrong bike surely?:smiley:

Is that a Massey Ferguson tractor ? Sounds like a diesel bike . . . how daring for Yamaha to follow Audi and use a diesel engine in their race vehicles :w00t:

I like it, looks like a tool designed for the job, not for posers.