New Purchase/Modification

After a few long rideouts lately (BCR & TOWIE Tour) my knees have really been aching after a while so I decided the position i’m in on the bike isn’t ideal for me now i’m getting a little older and I have also stopped playing football so not as fit anymore, so I’ve just purchased a set of Harris Adjustable rearsets for my Gixxer. hopefully this allows me to get a more comfortable riding position.

Also they are Gold so adds more Bling :smiley:

Anyone else got Adjustable rearsets? I’ve never used them before as never been uncomfortable on a bike before, how easy are they to get set up? Obviously I know they are direct bolt on replacements for the standard rearsets, so will take seconds to fit. What I mean by set up is by getting the position correct, does it take a few long journeys to find the best position? Or is there anything I need to consider when setting the position?

In my opinion I feel like I need to drop back and down slightly to lessen the bend in my knees, just don’t know how much I need to do it by, is there a rule of thumb for changing the set up? will too much change how I have to take corners?

You just need an Knee OP

Unfortunate it’s come to this Sam :wink:

Or this: