New possible EU motor insurance directive could


New possible EU motor insurance directive could everything motorised needs to have unlimited third party insurance.

The consultation is into a ruling, which applies to all 27 EU member states, made by the Court of Justice of the European Union in September 2014.

It requires compulsory unlimited third-party liability insurance to be carried by anyone using any form of motorised transport, in any location.

That includes everything from ride-on lawnmowers and tractors to single-seater and tin-top competition vehicles, even at private venues like race circuits, throughout the EU.

This means crashes in motorsport events would be treated as road traffic accidents and would involve the police, as would any road traffic collision."


wonder what the result of that was. Closed on 20th of October.


Actually that’s quite sensible.


It makes some sense but I wouldn’t like to be at a track day or race and it be red flagged for 3 hours while they find a copper who can attend.


The Met don’t even attend RTCs unless there is an injury, and are certainly not going to turn up to a track.


Assuming this won’t apply to ride on mowers used on own land only?


I think it does otherwise motor racing wouldn’t be concerned about this.


I was thinking that there are others involved at tracks (spectators, employees, other participants, officials etc). Gardens for mowing, generally less of an issue.


But in a garden you may have children playing etc.


I though children weren’t allowed outside any more.


Of course children are allowed outside. Who else is going to cut the grass