New place to go

menu looks nice :slight_smile:

Good on ye Andy maybe see some more of you

:Whistling: Enfield 45 Miles!

Cant exactly go there for beef hash breakfast then :doze:

Even though the signage is all nice and retro… the building says Happy Eater all over it!

Looks nice though - shame its an epic journey for Southerners…

looks the kippers tits…:D…
anyone fancy a rideout?

very nice, i wonder if that the fella who i and others spoke withg at high beech, he was after ideas etc for a new bike place, i hope this is it:)

Na Rats that fella was opening up in harlow;)

I’m sure there’s a place like this on the A127 near Basildon? Or have I got it wrong…

a12 witham it used to be a little chef

nope you got it right, this is another one, be time to try and get the bike out soon and find out if the wheels still turn or engine lol

a127 diner has changed hands but is still running that was a little thief as well once

Think the A127 one has just been refurbed after a fire as well…