New pics of Katieboom

Shes getting there!!!

HOW SEXY DOES THAT LOOK!!! I WANT ONE… You have done a nice job on that…

Yea looks quality mate, nice job.


Reckon it would look sexier with some LB stickers though!!!
Where do I find some Foxy?

OHMAN…these supermotards are going to be the death of me…I want one sooooooo bad.

That is a wicked sharp looking bike, man! :thumb

Holy fook! That looks mean as hell, I really like it mate! New stickers are being printed at the moment, drop Cezar (bike2travel) a PM with your details and he’ll sort it out for you. I need to find some tissues now, made a bit of a mess…

So, what have you done to her Su-pervemoto?

So far just cosmetic really
Loads of carbon obviously
Cycra pro bend handguards
Billet fuel cap
Orange carb breather tubes :slight_smile:
Spider grips
Crash bungs front and rear

Oh and full Ti Akra
ISR radial M/C
Ripping the airbox out completely and fitting K&N next week

Wheels (inc. hubs and spokes)/Swingarm/Frame/Bars and triple clamps powder coated black next month

Then its just throwing the engine at HM Racing for a little bit of work…he he he

Fantastic looking bike and i can tell you lot it rides superb as i have riden it.


You feelin better now matey?

I had a go too at the ace last Friday. MMMMM very very nice. very similar to supermofo’s bike but with the power coming in a lot further down the rev range. Awesome bike you have to really put your weight over the front whyen you crack it to stop it from popping the front up.

Nice one Ell!

Feeling fantastic once again.THANKS

So when do I get a go? I promise I won’t blow the engine up!!!

wicked looking bike Su-pervemoto how much did it cost to do so far Mate?

Whenever you see me just ask :slight_smile:

Bout 1500 so far Wolfie but still only stands me in 5500 for brand new bike

hey Su-pervemoto you can do my bike up next lol