New person

I was told a bit back that I should have done this, so here I am

I’m 23, I currently live in York but I’ll be living in London within the next 2 months…

I did my CBT in October, and have my restricted licence next week. I had my first drop yesterday, which wasn’t as bad as I expected, although I need a new helmet, light and brake lever and my chainsaw trousers now have some new ventilation holes in.

I currently ride a BADASS Trailway, which I have to work on every other week because I basically bought a piece of ****. That’s what you get for being tight though I suppose!

hi and welcome, new myself. Had a slow off myself last summer, recon in the long run its no bad thing if your ok and bike is ok. Keeps the lunatic in us in check for a while!!

And rightly so. You’re letting the name down!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi and welcome…:smiley:

welcome :slight_smile:

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

hello mate

Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome to the site Alex, that bike looks a bit like a suzuki van van. lol:)

Yeah it does a bit, that crazy back tire attracts a fair bit of attention some times.

Thanks to everyone who said hi,

Maybe I will meet some of you when I move to that London!

Hello… :smiley:

Hello and welcome to the wonderfull world that is LB’ers…

Not sure if i ever actualy posted a newbie thread myself :hehe:

Hello and welcome to LB

Hi & Welcome to LB

hello and welcome


hello and welcome:D