new paint on the sv

well its taken 5 months since the car door and ive spent the last few weeks repairing the panels and spraying it in my spare time.

Its not finished still more nicks and bits to do but for now im happy with the airfix look until i pick a new colour :slight_smile:

Battleship grey !

Brings back memories !

Are you gonna go for same colour as before ?

yeah battleship grey can work.

i remember yrs back me m8 done his rgv500, primered it in grey liked it so left it, lol.

with black wheels.

Shiver: boldly going where no man has gone before :smiley:

as much as i liked the sonic silver im after something else but as the frame forks etc are silver i need a colour that will tie in with them

what is the best way to spray your panels? just use a srapy can or a proper mixer and electric spray thingy?

ive used rattle cans and got good results aslong as the prep and inbetween coat work is done but with both ways you need to know what your doing all the gear and no idea comes to mind

Looks like a nice job - you canโ€™t see the join, as they say.