new one

been meaning to do this for sometime .i live in cornwall any other LBers live in the sunny sothwest ? give us a shout

hello and welcome

Hi and welcome.:smiley:


Hiya - welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi and welcom:)

Hi & welcome:doze:

Hi and welcome aboard.

well good day, im originally from North Devon, ooargh my lover.:w00t::smiley:
well ive stepped abroad into Cornwall on many ocasions, which part are you from? and what do you ride?

What currency do they use down there? :wink:

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Hey, welcome aboard!

Got any nice routes for us down there? I’ve been meaning to ride down to Cornwall for a while.

Welcome to LB mate. :wink:

I lived in Saltash, Cornwall from the age of 11.
Whereabouts are you from mate?

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello westzed . i,m right down the bottom end 6 miles from lands end .If i look out the window next stop CANADA great when we have a good gale also i ride a ktm 990 superduke full race aka pipes no DB,S :smiley:

OTHER END use JD racing now and again good boys .ride ktm 990